welcome to the coaching experience!

you are a coach. 

Katherine Robinson, Head Women's Swimming Coach, Tulane University

Katherine Robinson, Head Women's Swimming Coach, Tulane University

Which means you are a leader! You’re a teacher and a mentor. 

You love seeing your athletes develop both on and off the field of play. You connect across the range of unique personalities and find that thing that makes each athlete tick. 

At the end of the day, you value the character of your team and your athletes as people more than the win or the loss. You know - as a coach - you make a difference in peoples lives that go well beyond sports.  

commitment to leadership

You have to be committed to leading others. Not only are you leading your athletes, you're leading their parents, you're leading recruits, you're leading your staff...your partner, your kids...? Who else?

With all of this leading you're doing, who leads you?

It's easy to get overwhelmed. You're in charge of a lot of people and there are a lot of moving parts. There may be days when you feel like all you're doing is reacting to one challenge after another. When you operate from reactive mode instead of stepping up to take charge...you can become distracted, lose focus, and feel like you're losing control.

If you feel this way...you're not alone! I talk to coaches every week who get to this same place.

Elizabeth Iliff, Assistant Men's and Women's Swimming Coach, West Virginia University

Elizabeth Iliff, Assistant Men's and Women's Swimming Coach, West Virginia University

what you need most...

  • STRATEGIES to deal with the actual problems and challenges you face from day to day

  • SUPPORT from someone who can see your potential and hold space while you evolve

  • PERSPECTIVE to help you see a situation from a different angle

  • ACCOUNTABILITY to take steps towards your goals and follow through when you get off track

this is what i do.

I coach coaches. I work with you to help you tap into your full potential as a coach...like you do for your athletes.

Here's how...

1) I'll help YOU...

  • get really clear on what you want (your goals, desires, & aspirations)

  • make important decisions (which you've been putting off and have been draining your energy)

  • identify the boundaries and standards you need to set (so you can do more of what you love to do)

  • take the very next step (so you won't get totally overwhelmed in the process)

Hannah Burandt, Assistant Swim Coach, University of Houston

Hannah Burandt, Assistant Swim Coach, University of Houston

2) I'll help you set your season up for success...so you can be more efficient and have more fun! 

  • create a structured framework to follow through the ups and downs of the season

  • dedicate time to step back and work ON yourself and your team instead of always working with your team

  • be proactive and intentional versus scattered and reactive

3) I'll help you navigate through those difficult conversations that come up...so you can be more effective and show up as an authentic, grounded, and confident leader.

  • Maybe you have a challenge you need to bring up with your boss and you're not quite sure where to start

  • Or you have some tough feedback you need to give your assistant coach and you're not sure how to say it

  • Or your team is in the midst of a conflict and you don't know how to get them back on track

  • Or you need a specific plan for managing an athlete whose behavior disrupts everyone on your team

I'll help you come up with basic language…a script you can follow to get you started.

Think like a leader

The truth is that too many coaches just run around winging it. They just hope what they do will work. They react to everyone and everything instead of leading. And that can be a really frustrating way to run a team!

I'll help you take some time to think things out...and add systems and structure to the work that you do. Then, it'll be easier for you to choose the most important action to take next.

You’ll always be winging it a little bit - that’s just the nature of coaching. I will teach you how to start choosing your response to the unexpected things as they come up...so you're always moving towards the best possible outcome.

here's where you can begin...

1. sign up for my MONTHLY ezine 

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance determines your destiny.
— Aristotle

The Who Coaches You? monthly eZine focuses on four main areas: leadership skills, personal development, team-building, and self care. Click here and sign up to get it delivered to your inbox each month.

2. Get Consistent COACHING

I no longer work with coaches one-on-one for anything less than a 3-month duration. Some coaches don’t like that. They just want a coaching session here or a call there. I call that a “one and done” approach. And I don’t do it. That's because the coaches who get the best results are the ones who use our work together to stay accountable to their goals and consistently get back on track when they lose focus. Doing that takes commitment.

I only want to work with coaches who are committed…which can be great for you because after years of trying to do it yourself and struggling, you’ll start to feel a foundation being build beneath you. You can relax knowing you'll have regular access to me - through our one-on-one calls or via email - so you can’t go astray for too long. The coaches who have worked with me value this more than anything else because - it’s not all about the information. The big problem is how easy it is to get off track when you don’t have the accountability and support lined up for yourself.


A women's coaching summit is simply a retreat - for coaches. There is a blend of professional development, personal development, and a strong emphasis on self care. A summit will help you 'recover' from the season and refocused with new ideas and a new support system for the season ahead. Read more.

wondering where to start?

Put the focus on you - the person - so that you can become an even better coach. When you’re more aware of yourself - your strengths and areas for growth - you’ll be able to see these things more clearly in your athletes, too.
— Erica Quam

Let's connect - so I can get to know more about you, find out your goals, and any current challenges you're dealing with.

I'll share how I work, and what solutions and support I can provide. 

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