3 ways to shift your pattern of reacting to maintain a sense of calm as you travel

written by Erica Quam 

These days traveling can be a challenge. Especially for those of us who like to have a lot of control. How many variables - during our travel day - are actually out of our control? The list is long! 

On the way to the airport, we don't have control of how much traffic we'll face.  At the airport, we can't control long lines, stressed out people, or flight cancellations & delays.  Once we're on the plane, there's no way to control the people we're around much less how long we'll sit on the runway as we wait in line to takeoff.

A long day of travel - by yourself or with a whole team - can leave you stressed with anxiety and depleted of patience. It's really easy to get hooked or triggered into a pattern of reacting to all of the many circumstances - that are actually out of our control. 

Is there a way to change our perspective and stay grounded?

First consider this: What if the universe put some of these variables in place to rearrange itself for our highest good?

For example, when you run into traffic - ask yourself if maybe its there to help you avoid a collision further on down the road? Instead of getting road rage and using a death grip on the wheel until your knuckles turn white, take a deep breath. Catch yourself and change your story. Find a reason to shift your perspective and see things differently.

What else can you do to keep your inner peace?  Here are 3 things to try:

1.  Make self care a practice

  • Sleep more the night before - instead of rushing around to pack at the last minute, check that off your to-do list a little earlier and hit the bed instead
  • Workout if you have the time - even doing 10 minutes of abs or a few of your favorite yoga poses...your body will thank you!
  • Drink Water - carry your own water bottle and fill it up once you are through security

2.  Start your own travel rituals

  • Get on the plane last (or fly first class) - either way it's worth it to keep your peace and calm even longer
  • Before you get on the plane, make a gratitude list, or set an intention for the day ahead
  • Instead of working the whole time, read - or better yet listen to (audible.com is a great app) - a fun book or even a guided meditation to re-connect with yourself (try an app like calm)

3.  Rinse off the day...& don't skimp on your products

  • Take your favorite shampoo & soap - get something special that you look forward to using as a treat
  • Take a refreshening spray for the room and your pillows (lavender is great or try a DIY version)
  • Take a bath or wash your face - bring some bath salts for the bath or a nice face wash if you don't have time for a bath

What's something that's helped you stay grounded as you travel?  Add your comments below.