Scarcity: an epidemic

written by Erica Quam

Today, we are suffering from a cultural epidemic of scarcity.  

Take a moment to fill in the blank for yourself with the common story that runs through your head.

Never _______ enough.

  • I'm not good enough.
  • I'm not thin enough.
  • I'm not fit enough.
  • I'm not strong enough.
  • I'm not smart enough.
  • I'm not certain enough.
  • I'm not experienced enough.

To create a shift in your mindset requires a change in your thoughts, behaviors, & emotions. Here's the good news...once you create this shift, you will change your environment! You will change who you are and how you live. You will change how you lead, how you coach, how you parent, as well as how you connect with others.

An underlying theme to remember in our society of perfectionism is this:

The opposite of scarcity isn’t abundance. The opposite of scarcity is enough.
— Brene Brown

How can you shift your thoughts?

Begin to observe as your thoughts - becoming more aware of these thoughts of scarcity. When fear and worry begin to whisper in your ear, remember that everything you are supposed to know in this moment, you've already learned.

When you notice thoughts of "not enough," change your thoughts. They don't have to be thoughts of abundance...simply shift to thoughts of enough: you've done enough, you have enough, and you are enough.

If that proves to be too difficult, repeat a simple mantra, "In this moment, I am enough." Write it down and post it where you can see it. Read it in the morning. Repeat it at night before you go to bed.

They say that the average person has 60,000 thoughts a day - many of them repeated.  Life is too precious and amazing to have these thoughts of scarcity take over.

What's your never ______________ enough statement? What can you change it to read instead? Share your comment below.

Next week, we'll look more closely at how to change behavior.

Recommended reading: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown