Go from Good to Great

written by Erica Quam

I went to Minneapolis last Friday for A Women Coaches Symposium.  This was put on by the Tucker Research Center for Girls and Women in Sports, the Alliance for Women in Coaching, and Gopher Athletics. The Tucker Center is the only center of it’s kind in the world.

One of my favorite takeaways was from Celia Slater, Co-Founder of the Alliance of Women in Coaching.

She talked about the qualities of successful coaches:

1. Successful coaches are also good managers. They have the ability to connect with people, build relationships, embrace conflict, and be engaged.  

2. Successful coaches are self aware. Coaching is 90% how you relate to people. You have to know your impact on others to be able to relate.

3. Successful coaches invest in themselves for their own personal growth.

4. Successful coaches surround themselves with good people to lift them up.

5. Being an expert in sport was one of the last things Celia mentioned. She talked about how many coaches actually “hide” behind the X’s and the O’s because they don’t want to deal with the other “stuff”.  

I believe that all that other “stuff” is what makes coaches great!

If you have lots of challenging athletes or people you are constantly struggling to deal with, work on your communication skills.

People show up in our lives to teach us things. If we don’t learn a lesson the first time, we’ll be presented with these same “types” of people over and over again. Instead of making the same mistakes, learn different ways to relate to people. 

When conflict comes up, welcome it. Address conflict directly and constructively instead of ignoring it and letting it fester. Many times the best teams are the one’s who have had to handle adversity and grew stronger because of it.  

Do things that inspire you so that you can be engaged and inspire others. 

Find people who can support you to be at your best in all areas of your life. 

Maybe you need more people in your life to make you laugh, take yourself less seriously, and help you see your glass as half full.

So coaches, to go from good to great: put time and energy into yourself, get feedback from others to gain self awareness, and surround yourself with great people.  When you go from good to great, you make an even greater impact as a coach!

Do you have difficult people in your life that you've learned to deal with?  I'd love to hear your comments, questions, and feedback below!