Living Takes Courage...Don't get stuck in your comfort zone

written by Erica Quam

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So why is it that we stay in our comfort zone instead of really living?

We are afraid of the unknown.  We are afraid of what might happen.  We are afraid to fail.

We’ve been hurt or had other experiences that have been painful. 

We don’t believe we’re good enough to do more.  We don’t believe we deserve something better.  Believing we have to have it all figured out before making a decision or taking the first step.

What are you holding back?  Where do you get stuck?

In what part of your life could you take a risk and open yourself up to more possibilities?

  • Maybe it’s having a hard conversation with someone you care about.  
  • Perhaps it’s saying no to an opportunity because you may disappoint someone.  
  • Maybe it’s saying yes to something that you don’t have all figured out yet.

When we stay in our comfort zone it impacts us on a physical, physiological, mental, and even a spiritual level.  When we close ourself off to the possibilities of life, we tend to have poor physical posture: shoulders forward, head forward, arms wrapped around to protect us.  Physiologically, this limits our breathing, and can create tension in the body.  Mentally, this can lead to being more tired, sad, or depressed.  Spiritually, our soul begins to wither and dry up.  

When we open ourselves up to the possibilities of life, our spirit begins to shine.  We are happier, have more energy, and feel more freedom.  We begin to breathe more fully, walk around with our chest lifted, and head held high!

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, try this:

Change your physical posture!
Sit up tall, move the shoulders back, lift and broaden your chest.  Breathe freely!  Just by changing your posture, you will begin to experience the effects through all of those other layers.

In so many things we do in life - driving, sitting at the computer, riding a bike, or even swimming - our posture leads to the collapse of the chest bringing the shoulders, the head, and the neck forward.  


Amy Cuddy talks about body language in her popular TED Talk. Studies show just by raising your arms, you increase your levels of testosterone in your body - giving you more confidence in yourself.  Holding a pencil between your teeth tricks your body into thinking you are smiling. These two things alone change your hormones.  How powerful is that? 

So what are you waiting for?  Raise those arms up with a great big smile on your face and go for it! Life is short. Live BIG!  

Where do you get stuck? What limiting beliefs do you hold onto? Share a comment below.