Do You Have Clutter?

written by erica quam

So, this picture is NOT of my office. Its a picture that I found online...on Pinterest. I would LOVE my office to look like this. I'm not there yet.  

I DID clean up my office last week - so that it would look much nicer in the background of a webinar that I did on Tuesday.  In fact, I love the way that my office looked and felt!  I must admit - that all I did was put things in drawers, folders, closets...and crammed a few other things under my bed.  I'm not proud.

They say clutter actually drains your energy.  It's stuff either in piles or tucked away and hasn't had your attention for a while.  Clutter can also include unfinished business and unmade decisions.  Even having a lack of priorities is a form of clutter - because when you don't prioritize, you have a whole list of unmade decisions.  All this clutter can leave you feeling stuck, depressed, and overwhelmed.  

And right now, I feel it!  I know that even though things look pretty good on the outside, there's a lot of work I can do.

Take a little time to get rid of what isn't necessary and no longer works.  Pair down to the things that really matter.  You may find you have more time, you can think more clearly, and find more direction in your life.  When you can eliminate some of the physical clutter around you, you can get back into a better balance.


  • Schedule a time to clear clutter out of one specific space once a week for the next 4 weeks.  
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes.  
  • Create 3 separate piles: 1) keep 2) recycle 3) trash.  
  • Notice the shift in your energy when you can clear clutter and create space.

So, now I'm starting the real work.  The purge. The official de-clutter.  This month, I will be doing this assignment with you.  I hope you are in!