it's the small things...

by Erica Quam

When you want to transform your's not all about a big move, a big risk, or a big decision.

Real transformation happens through a series of small decisions, small steps, and small actions that you take consistently over time. 

When you make a BIG move, take a BIG risk, or make a BIG decision - sure those things definitely involve BIG change.  AND these steps must be supported by small things for a real, lasting change to happen. 

The grass is always greener on the other side because from far away you can't see the weeds. - John Maeda

You can impact your life in a real positive and meaningful way by consistently doing small things. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Acknowledge yourself each day

Acknowledge the things that were a success at the end of your day. Focus on the 98% of things that went well, or that you did a good job of...rather than the 2% of things that were really challenging. What did you get done, accomplish, or improve upon?

This may be tough when you begin. If you are in the habit of listening to that inner critic, then you'll have to work a little harder at this at first. 

Your inner critic is LOUD and is constantly talking. The inner voice that you are going to tap into speaks quietly...almost in a whisper. You may have to get still to be able to hear it. You may have to take a moment to close your eyes for a few minutes, slow down and breathe.

Then write your list.  

When you can end your day focusing on these things, you will build momentum for yourself for tomorrow. What you focus on grows.

2. Tap into inspiration more often

When you come across a person in your day - who you admire or who inspires you - tell them. Then ask them to share their secrets. 

This doesn't have to be some creepy, weird, long heart to heart conversation. Keep it simple.

Ask them 1 question you'd like to know. Ask them for one piece of advice that helped them learn or grow. Ask them what was the last book, blog, or article that they read and learned something from.

You are letting this person know that they inspire you. That you appreciate how they show up. Most of the time, people love to talk about themselves and it brightens their day.

In turn, it will brighten usually brighten yours. 

3. Build in accountability for yourself

Find someone outside of your normal friends and family circle who you can check in with - at least once a week. Tell them one thing you are going to do for yourself. Then hold one another accountable to doing it. Follow up and check back in.

Each of us is meant for something GREAT in this world. Yet left to our own devices, it's hard to reach our true full potential. There are too many distractions, reasons, excuses, and too many obstacles. Alone we can do so little...together we can do so much.

When you can build in more accountability in your life - even a small amount - you will tap into that potential at a deeper level.

The smallest things that you do for yourself create momentum and change your life in a BIG way.

Choose which step you will start with today and share that in the comments below.