Purpose does not make you happy

written by Erica Quam

I left collegiate coaching when I felt I was no longer living "my purpose." Afterwards, I went through a stretch of time where I was on a daily quest to find my "next purpose."  I wanted it to be clearly defined. All wrapped up in a neat little package. With a bow. 

What I've realized is that your purpose can change, grow, & evolve. Your purpose doesn't make you happy or successful. YOU make yourself happy and successful. 

Instead of searching for this elusive purpose, get clear on things you are good at. 

  • What brings you joy?
  • What fills you up?
  • What things are you WIRED to do?
  • What is your superpower?

No matter what you do or where you are doing it, take time to answer these questions.

When you can spend time doing more of the things that you are good at, then you will bring more value to others and you will be more happy and fulfilled.

There will be times as a coach that you have to do things that you aren't as good at and things that aren't as fulfilling. That's the grind. And that can be a challenge.


Explore ways that you can spend more time in your superpower - to tip the scale, so to speak.

  • Maybe you can delegate some things off your plate. If you are an assistant coach, maybe there are things that a student-assistant can do instead. 
  • Maybe you can change your schedule so that the activities that drain you aren't done right before you have to be at your best.
  • Maybe just having this sense of awareness will help you change your attitude - knowing that you will be back in your superpower that will fill you back up.
  • Maybe you can get some help at home - get someone to clean the house once a month or mow the yard so that you can go have fun.

The solution may be simple. It just may be something you haven't thought of before. Take time to think outside the box.

Through all of this, I realized my superpower is to inspire people to expand into their own true potential in all areas of their life.  Whether I am teaching yoga, working with coaches, taking students out into the backcountry, or leading retreats for women - this is what fills me up.

What's your superpower?  Share it in the comments below.