Debunk 4 common coaching myths...

written by Erica Quam

Part of my work with coaches is helping them to realize their full potential and then help them to tap into it.  I strive to help each coach become a stronger leader who shows up to their athletes in an authentic way - that is true to who they are.

4 Common Myths.png

Many times people think that they are the only ones who have gone through challenges, have doubts and fears, or who have gone through tough times in their career. This type of thinking can make anyone feel lonely and isolated. 

Here's what I know from coaches who have been 'in the game' a lot longer - that may help some younger coaches who are coming along.

Myth #1) Successful coaches don't have fears.

FACT: They also have fears.  

They have just learned to understand that fear is calls you to do something. The first part of the work is acknowledging & identifying some of the fears and limiting beliefs that you hold. The next part of the work is to let go of these old fears, beliefs, & stories that no longer serve you well. This helps you get unstuck.

Myth #2) Confident coaches don't have doubts

FACT: They also have self doubt. 

The difference is they have found people who help them see who they can become and hold that space for them. We take in so much negativity from our world today. Get support to tip the scale and have more positive messages coming in. Celebrate each success, & acknowledge small steps and victories along the way. This will help you overcome those negative voices in your head.  

Myth #3) Winning coaches don't have challenges

FACT: They also have challenges

Winning coaches have learned to reframe their challenges to see them as growth opportunities. They see obstacles as lessons they can learn so that they can grow and evolve.

Myth #4) Experienced coaches don't get stuck

FACT: They also get stuck.

They have just learn ways to get "unstuck" and not stay stuck - by recognizing when something isn't working.  They switch directions, or change their strategy - rather than just trying harder.

Which myth resonates the most and what is ONE step you could take to take action? Leave your comments below.