How to Maintain your sanity as a coach...when you're totally distracted

written by Erica Quam

In today’s world, we’re driven by distraction. From the time we wake up until the time we try to go to sleep someone or something is trying to grab our attention.

There’s more information coming at us than ever before. More books, blogs, podcasts, apps, YouTube videos, emails, and tweet than we’ll ever know what to do with.

We’re more accessible and plugged in than ever before. 

When you’re driven by distraction, there’s a whole lot of noise. There’s a lot of static. It becomes harder and harder to decipher what’s important. You struggle to fully tune in to the things that matter the most. 

There’s so much input. 


We rarely ever stop to take stock of our output.

It’s important to take time to re-align...with your priorities, your habits, and yourself. Re-alignment is a habit. It’s a practice. We all could probably all re-align a little more!

Where do you begin?

I teach coaches how important it is to call your attention back, to call your power back and to be in your body. We spend so much time in our heads - thinking, worrying, obsessing - that we have to give ourselves time to come back to center. 

Be in your body.

Start with your foundation - where you’re rooted to the earth. Notice your feet, your legs, your seat. Feel them there. Alive. Observe your heartbeat. Listen to your breath. Notice it. Your breath brings you life and lets you let go of tension. When thoughts come into your head (as thoughts do...) don’t judge, criticize, or even try to stop them. Just observe. Notice patterns or observe the chaos. 

Next, pause to reflect.

Take out a sheet of paper and write things down. What have you actually accomplished this week? (I’ll bet it’s a lot more than you give yourself credit for!)

Make a list of 25 things you’re proud of, you completed, or got done in the last week.

If you’re like most coaches I know, you probably haven’t stopped long enough this week to acknowledge...much less write down or celebrate any of what you’ve actually gotten done. And I get it. You're busy.

If you're the least bit curious...then just try it.

I’ll warn you. The first five might be pretty easy. The next 10 may get a little harder. The last 10 could be a real stretch. I challenge you to dig a little deeper and stretch into those last 10.

What have you done to support, challenge or hold someone accountable this week? Consider the small conversations you’ve had and the feedback you’ve given. 

All of these things count.

On your list of 25 things the last 10 is where you begin to re-align. You train your brain to begin to acknowledge and celebrate the small stuff. 

Because the small stuff is actually pretty BIG. It’s where you really make a difference. 

For a coach, the small stuff you do each day is actually where the magic happens!

When you sense your attention is being pulled away...take the time to re-align again.

Got any more thoughts on this?  You can share them with me in the comments below.