3 things you're avoiding that's draining your energy

I've noticed a pattern that's come up recently with a few of the coaches I work with. I'm curious if you can relate?

Read through each hypothetical situation below and consider what you would do.

Note: Don't think too long. There are no right or wrong answers. Choose the letter that best describes your 'go-to' mode. (And...be honest.)

1. You're walking down the hall and see someone...at the other end of the hall...who you really don't want to talk to. What do you do?

Do you a) avert your eyes, find something interesting on the floor, pick up the pace and walk briskly walk by...like you're in a hurry b) duck into the closest restroom...and hope they don't come in c) pull your phone out and pretend to answer an important call d) suck it up and begin the conversation...awkwardly or e) none of the above? 

2. There's a big decision you need to make by tomorrow. What do you do? 

Do you a) go workout, turn up the music and try not to think about it b) go home, tune into a new Netflix series and numb out with three more episodes c) stay at the office late, like you're "really

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