Gratitude For Your Most Challenging Athletes

Challenging athletes are usually the one's who get most of your attention, take most of your time, and drain most of your energy. 

They can leave you exhausted - while whittling away at your passion and inspiration. Just when you think you've got your team moving together in the right direction...another issue surfaces and drama escalates.

(You probably have someone in mind...right? Your blood pressure may be elevating just by reading this...)

Your other athletes sense your frustration. They're most likely fed up with the whole situation too. 

They don't know what to say to you...and they're definitely not sure how to handle their teammate.

This vicious cycle will not only keep your team will widen the gap between where you are and where you wanna go.

You didn't sign up for this. You just wanna coach!!!! Is that too much to ask????

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Up Your Game This Season: 7 Leadership Skills To Master As A Coach [Part 6 - Competence]

Competence = your ability to perform a skill in a way that produces the desired results.

To gain competence as a coach you need two things: experience and training.

Like any skill you'll develop competency on your own timeline.  

You may learn faster than other coaches.  

You might require different types of experiences to become more competent in certain areas of your job.  


Think back to when you first learned to drive.  You started off as a novice and went through the next four stages as you gained knowledge and experience.  

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How to Maintain your sanity as a coach...when you're totally distracted

In today’s world, we’re driven by distraction. From the time we wake up until the time we try to go to sleep someone or something is trying to grab our attention.

There’s more information coming at us than ever before. More books, blogs, podcasts, apps, YouTube videos, emails and tweets than we’ll ever know what to do with.

We’re more accessible and plugged in than ever before. 

When you’re driven by distraction, there’s a whole lot of noise. There’s a lot of static. It becomes harder and harder to decipher what’s important. You struggle to fully tune in to the things that matter the most. 

There’s so much input. 


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How to quiet the mind

Do you ever notice anything about the inner voice in your head? Have you stopped to actually listen to all the chatter?

I've been paying attention to mine over the years and have noticed 4 trends:

  • My inner voice prefers to focus on the past or the future. She rarely lives in the present.
  • She focuses primarily on ME.
  • My inner voice can be super negative!
  • She repeats many of the same messages...over and over again.

What's wrong with this?

Focus on past or future: The past brings up guilt, blame, and resentment. The future brings about worry, fear, or anxiety.

Focus on self: When we're absorbed by the self we have a hard time listening, connecting, or caring about others.

Negative self talk: Living in a state of scarcity...I'm not _______ enough. (pretty, skinny, wealthy, tough, strong, good, smart, or whatever it is you'd like to fill the blank with).  

Repeated messages: Take the message that you just created from above and repeat it over and over and over again. The impact of the repetition is exponential.

How do you quiet the mind? 

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