When less is more

In our busy world...everyone seems to be racing to do more, work more, get more, achieve more. Have we reached the breaking point?

  • Athletes start younger, specialize earlier, and work harder than ever before at an early age. 
  • Parents push their kids to achieve more and more - in school, in sports, & in all other areas - to lock down that elusive opportunity they may never have had. 
  • Coaches work longer hours, recruit more, travel more, and take even less time off.  
  • College programs encourage or require summer sessions - where athletes are reporting earlier each season. Which means coaches, student assistants, and support staff are also in full swing - almost year round.  

I’m all for hard work. Don’t get me wrong. I believe there are few shortcuts to success. AND I don’t believe in the direction we’re heading. The pace, the pressure, and the demands are insane! If it doesn’t lead to breakdown and burnout, it does lead to stress, overwhelm and unhappiness.

It’s time to change the culture.

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