What To Do When You Feel Burned Out And Want To Quit

It was spring - during my 5th year as an assistant collegiate swim coach. I was at one of the top programs in the country and yet, I was done. I had already made a new plan. I was moving to Alaska. 

I would work at Starbucks or REI. I wanted to do something easy. Maybe I would pick up some substitute teaching hours along the way.

My friend had offered me a place to live for free while she traveled out of the country for the next six months.

All I wanted to do was sleep...and be by myself. What I realized later was that I was experiencing all the classic signs and symptoms of burnout. 

Have you ever experienced any symptoms of burnout?

  • Physical and emotional fatigue or exhaustion

  • Disconnect between job and responsibilities

  • Cynicism, isolation, or detachment

  • Feeling unimportant or ineffective

  • Lack of passion 

[Click here for a self test on burnout.]

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How well do you coach accountability?

Accountability (in terms of teamwork) can be defined as a willingness of team members to call one another out on mistakes or behaviors that are not aligned with team values.

The weakest teams have no accountability. On mediocre teams, the coach holds people accountable. On the strongest teams, the team holds one another accountable. 

I'm sure every coach out there would love a little more accountability on their team. It sounds great, right?

Accountability is hard AND a crucial piece to a team's success. It doesn't happen overnight. Most people prefer to blame, shame, or avoid it completely.

Take a Self Assessment

Rate yourself on each statement based on the scale: 4 = Always, 3 = Often, 2 = Rarely, 1 = Never

Add up your points as you go then compare to the descriptions below.

  1. I let my team know what my expectations are, what I want them to do, and how I want them to do it.
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6 signs you're trying too hard (& how to stop )

As coaches, we're hardwired to work hard. When we don't reach a goal or if something doesn't work out the way we thought it would, we're conditioned to try harder. Put the nose to the grindstone. Eventually we'll have a breakthrough. Right?

Trying harder isn't always the solution. Sometimes its smarter to take a step back, get more information, and look for another way.

It doesn't always have to be so hard. We don't always have to struggle. 

Let me share a quick story with you. It's a 

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A Lesson from a Fly

The Tale of a Fly (adapted from Price Pritchett)

There's a small fly burning out the last of its short life's energies in a futile attempt to fly THROUGH the glass of a windowpane. The whining wings tell the poignant story of the fly's strategy - try harder. But it's not working. The frenzied effort offers no hope for survival. Ironically, the struggle is part of the trap. It is impossible for the fly to try hard enough to succeed at breaking through the glass. Nevertheless, this little insect has staked its life on reaching its goal - through raw effort and determination.

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