3 Things To Do To Get Clear, Save Time, and Get To Sleep At Night

When I first accepted the head coaching job at Washington State University, my former boss congratulated me and then said, "Congratulations coach! That's so awesome. You're not gonna be able to sleep for a month."

He was right. 

As soon as I said yes to this job, my brain turned on with a never-ending checklist on a continuous scroll. All the things I needed and wanted to do would pop into my head - day and night. I had so many thoughts. I couldn't shut them off.

The best thing I did during this transition was hire a coach. We began working together immediately and our coaching relationship continued - almost weekly - for 9 years. I can't imagine how hard things would have been without her consistent support. She taught me strategies I still use and now teach to the coaches I work with today.

Whether you're transitioning from an assistant coach to a head coach or you're looking for ways to be better where you are...here are three things to start doing each week. I can literally guarantee you will become more clear, more confident, and more effective as a coach:

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Are you overwhelmed...and the season hasn't started yet?

I want to share with you a few of the things I have heard from the coaches I've talked to this week. (Most of these are exact quotes...)

  • "I'm so overwhelmed. I have so much to do and not enough time to get it all done."
  • "I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I'm trying not to bite someone's head off!"
  • "Things are falling through the cracks. I don't have enough hours in the day. I'm freaking out!"

That's why, when I work with coaches, one of the first things we do during our work together is begin to implement strategies and habits that help you reduce the number of days when you feel completely overwhelmed. 

If you're a coach, overwhelm is not going to go away.

Imagine...the coach...who sits back in her chair, stretches out her legs, crosses her feet up on her desk with her hands behind her head and says,

"Woo hoo! I'm not overwhelmed! Everything is out of my inbox, I've made all the decisions I need to make, and things are running on autopilot! This job rocks! It's SO easy!"

Think about it. That's never going to happen!

That's because you're a coach.

You're in charge of a team. You have to plan and figure out their practice schedule, travel schedule, team retreats, training camps, team meetings, captain's meetings, competition schedule, and how it all fits into the academic schedule. Then you actually have to write the workouts, create your line up, strategize a game plan, and show up to coach your team.

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