How to Handle 'Back to School' Overwhelm

I work with plenty of coaches who - if they're being completely honest - struggle with feeling overwhelmed...especially at the beginning of the season.

No matter how well you've planned (or if you haven't planned at all)...and no matter how rested you feel (or if you don't feel rested at all)...the strong feelings of overwhelm can hold you back, keep you stuck, and impact the longevity of your coaching career.

Unexpected Challenges

Let's face it...the number of unexpected things you never imagined you'd have to deal with are there all of a sudden staring you square in the face. Then, you're expected to handle these situations having had no prior experience. Ready? Set? Go!

The feeling - and sometimes the brevity - is truly something you can't explain to the people in your life who aren't coaches. Your athletes certainly don't get the breadth of what you do.

The thing that can hold coaches back the most are the judgements that accompany the feelings. And the feelings of loneliness and isolation that stem from the added pressure you put on have it all done and done perfectly.

Can you relate?

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3 Actions coaches Can Take to Be more successful

Successful leaders know they need to learn new things, line up support, and take time to look at situations from a different perspective - to ensure they are making the best decisions for their organization. Some decisions can be really hard to make - because they impact people from the top to the bottom.

The same is true for coaches. Coaches need spaces to share their unique experiences - honestly - knowing that what they say will be held in confidence.

Here are three actions coaches can take to be more successful:

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