What To Watch Out For (Now That You've Chosen Your Word-Of-The-Year)

Last week, I wrote about choosing a word-of-the-year. This week I want to get real with you.

There's a dark side to setting intentions. 

This isn't what most people talk or write about. You don't read about this as you're getting ready for all the excitement of the New Year.

When you first set an intention...the first thing you might notice are the things you DON'T want that come up. 

Which may lead some people to begin to question their intention. 

You may think things like...

  • "Well, this clearly doesn't work."
  • "There must be something wrong with me."
  • "Yet another example of why I'm different."

Don't dismiss this powerful practice so quickly. Have a little more trust and faith to see your intention for 2018 through.

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