Dealing With Feedback, Criticism, and Complaints

At the end of the season, you’re going to get feedback from your athletes, staff, and administration.

A lot of coaches - consciously or unconsciously - have a lot of stress during this time.

Couple that with the fact you’ve had a long season…and probably not much of a break.

How do you respond to criticism - from your athletes, parents, administrators, or other coaches?

Sorry to be the downer...and I'm letting you know there will always be people who judge and criticize you for actions you take and decisions you make. 

You can't escape cricitism!

It doesn't matter how hard you work, how perfect you are, or what level of success you reach...there will always be someone there to judge you.

How do you respond?

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Got drama?


One of the things coaches deal with on their teams is drama. Your athletes can be in great shape, tuned, and ready to go. Yet their performance may be impacted by "stuff" that comes up through relationships, interactions, and social lives. Coaches need to deal with this - in some way.

What we resist, persists

You can't just proclaim 'No Drama' and expect it will eliminate conflict from your team. In fact, I'd venture to guess that when the stress is high (aka. when the game is on the line) that's when things are most likely to blow up.

There are plenty of coaches who may not agree with me on this - and just stick to the X's and O's. 

I believe as a coach, you are a teacher. Part of your role is teaching your athletes how to handle themselves and their relationships. Invest the time to give your athletes tools to manage themselves and their relationships and save a lot of time, energy...and drama in the end. 

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