How to be a leader during turbulent times

Now, more than ever, the work you do as a coach is important. You help your athletes develop character and live by values that are constantly being tested by society right now. Staying aligned with those values can be a struggle. 

How do we step up and lead after coming face to face with trauma, change, or disappointment?How do we show up as strong leaders in the face of turbulent times?

Allow yourself time to process difficult emotions:

  • Feel what you need to feel
  • Allow your emotions to happen
  • Don't ignore or shove them down
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3 strategies for managing team conflict when emotions are high

When you're a coach, you are a facilitator every single moment. How you handle the unique blend of personalities that make up your team is a lifelong skill you can always continue to learn more about and improve on. That's what makes coaching so dynamic!

1. When your team has a conflict, the first thing to manage is yourself.

You have to stay differentiated as a leader. Even for a few seconds, check in with yourself to become aware of what's going on with you before you delve into the conflict of your group.

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