Up Your Game This Season: 7 Leadership Skills to Master As A Coach [Part 5 - Teamwork]

If you are operating on your own without anyone else to consider then it's easy to focus in on your goals, needs, and wants.

You can't be a lone wolf AND a team player.

When you're part of a team (even a team of two) it changes everything.

Your goals, needs, and wants are only part the equation.

The way you behave when you're part of a team is a leadership skill.  Some people naturally have this skill and are really good at it.  Other people struggle...and can improve.

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What habits are you bringing in this season? Part 2 of 3

This article is part 2 in a 3-part series on habits. This week we're looking at support.

  • SUPPORT - This week we'll focus on support.

People operate from a very different place when they don't have support. Life can be hard. Things can get lonely....especially in the cut-throat world of athletics. Make it a habit to line up a strong support system for yourself!

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