Three fundamentals for coaches

At the beginning of each season, coaches often go back to the basics with their team. The focus is on the fundamentals...the building blocks...the essentials. Once the basics have been reviewed, the next skill or level of training can be introduced.

So, what are the basics for coaches? What fundamentals can you go back and work on so that you can take your coaching career to the next level?

1. The more we love and appreciate ourselves, the more love and appreciation we will be able to have and share with others.

It's easy to write a gratitude list - to list things & people we are grateful for. It's much harder to acknowledge things we specifically like and appreciate about ourselves. That takes it to a whole new level.

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Get vertical!

I learned a powerful concept last week. It's the idea of going horizontal versus getting vertical.

Let's see if I can bring this concept to life for you...

When you are horizontal...

...your attention is splattered all over the place. Your mind is scattered and you can get overwhelmed. Your emotions are on a roller coaster ride that slowly go up the hill, then quickly go down the hill. They veer quickly around corners and come to an abrupt stop. You literally feel as if you have left your body.

When you are vertical...

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