Help your athletes get better sleep when the stakes are high

Research shows athletes can improve their performance - in training and in competition - by getting extra sleep. Yet when the stakes are high at championship competitions, it can be harder and harder to fall asleep. 

Athletes can have stress and anxiety going into these competitions that make falling asleep a real challenge. If they are well rested and full of energy as coaches want them to be - ready to tap into peak performance - it can make falling asleep even harder. How do you deal with this dichotomy?

Here are 4 tips you can share with your athletes:

1. Be intentional

Set up an environment where you can:

  • Feel safe - doors locked, windows closed
  • Remain undisturbed - let people know you are going to sleep, use the restroom
  • Get comfortable and warm

Take time to create the conditions where you can be totally relaxed. If noise disturbs you try some earplugs. If there is a lot of light coming into the room, try an eye mask.

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