it's the small things...

When you want to transform your's not all about a big move, a big risk, or a big decision.

Real transformation happens through a series of small decisions, small steps, and small actions that you take consistently over time. 

When you make a BIG move, take a BIG risk, or make a BIG decision - sure those things definitely involve BIG change.  AND these steps must be supported by small things for a real, lasting change to happen. 

The grass is always greener on the other side because from far away you can't see the weeds. - John Maeda

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Go from Good to Great

I went to Minneapolis last Friday for A Women Coaches Symposium.  This was put on by the Tucker Research Center for Girls and Women in Sports, the Alliance for Women in Coaching, and Gopher Athletics. The Tucker Center is the only center of it’s kind in the world.

One of my favorite takeaways was from Celia Slater, Co-Founder of the Alliance of Women in Coaching.

She talked about the qualities of successful coaches:

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