Coaching Holds The Key To Your Expansion

I work with coaches to help you get a 360º view of what’s going on with yourself and with your team by looking back, looking at what’s going on now, and then looking ahead. Otherwise, it’s easy for you to be so driven and forward focused that you don’t stop long enough to learn from all of the experiences you’re having.

Coaching is all about experiential education - if you include the reflection piece.

Experience → Reflection → Conclusion → Experiment (Kolb Learning Cycle)

As a leader, there are specific leadership skills you can work on to improve how you’re leading your team. Reflect on how your athletes and staff are responding to your leadership style, and experiment by adapting your behavior for a more successful outcome.

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Up Your Game This Season: 7 Leadership Skills To Master As A Coach [Part 4 - Judgement & Decision Making]

As a coach, you are continually developing judgement.  You can learn from every decision you make.

The coaches I work with often want to know if they are making the 'right' decision.

If you're intentions are positive then it's less about making a right or wrong, good or bad's more about what you decide to do next. 

Think of it more like R & D (research and development).

Judgement and decision-making go hand in hand.  Both are skills that can be developed, fine tuned, and improved.

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Coaching is the key to your own expansion

Wouldn't coaching be great if you could just tell your athletes what to do and they'd just do it?

  • No complaining
  • No questioning
  • No criticizing 
  • No looking at athletes who roll their eyes
  • No difficult conversations
  • No poor judgement or bad decisions
  • No miscommunications
  • No conflicts to manage or problems to solve

Think about that for a minute. How BORING would your job actually be? What would your athletes actually learn? What would YOU actually learn?

Each and every day you get the opportunity to connect with a very special group of people. You get a chance to build and nurture human relationships. You get to explore how each person ticks...what gets in their way, what inspires them, and what you can do to help them get out of their own way.

You are in the unique position to lead a group of people and teach them how to become better leaders through sports.  What an awesome job!

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