Erica's list of recommended reading

I know there are plenty of books that you pick up and read for your team.  Many of you recommend some awesome books for your athletes to read during the summer. 

This is definitely a great way to get your athletes on the same page and have resources that help you build trust and create a common language together.

And...because you're always thinking about your athletes and looking for things that will benefit THEM, sometimes things that may apply to YOU and your unique challenges as a coach aren't necessarily on your radar.

That's where I come in! 

I'm always reading books and thinking about YOU the coach!

So, I'm giving you a list of six books I'm recommending - specifically for coaches.

I'm also letting you know why I've selected each book - instead of just giving you the list.

My intention is to share why I think I believe each of these different books can be valuable to you - specifically - as a coach.

Also, I'm hoping that by sharing why I'm recommending each book will help you overcome a little resistance and inspire you to actually read (or listen) to any one of these books this summer. 

I've tried to vary these up to cover a range of subjects and are the most common ones that I refer to the coaches I work with during the year.

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