Up Your Game This Season: 7 Leadership Skills To Master As A Coach [Part 2 - Vision and Action]

Vision and action is a leadership skill. Leaders set goals and work to achieve results. 

Most coaches are great at the vision part. 

You know where your team is going...or at least where you want them to go...or where you believe they CAN go.

You can have the best and most grandiose vision of what your team is capable of this season.

You can't go anywhere without the action.

If you aren't able to answer yes to the next three questions then this is where you can start to improve this skill.

1. Have you communicated your vision to your team?

Your athletes have a short attention span...and with as over-scheduled and distracted as they are...I'm sure you can sense it's getting shorter every day.

Plan to communicate your vision at least ten times before they even hear it.

They will roll their eyes.

They will think they've heard it before.

Be patient.

Keep repeating your vision.  Get creative in how you communicate it.  Make it fun!

By the fourth or fifth time your team hears it, it begins to seem real. Adjust your barometer from, "Do I really have to say this again?" to "I've said it six times, only four more to go."

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