Take the lead in recruiting this season

How would you fill in the blank to this statement? 

My job as a college coach would be great…if it weren’t for __________________.

If I surveyed one hundred college coaches, I'd bet 99 of them would answer ‘recruiting.’

One of the biggest challenges coaches complain about is recruiting.

Here's are three questions I always ask them:

1. What's your mindset?

Most coaches I know hate recruiting. When you take that mindset (and negative energy) into one of the most important things you do as a collegiate coach, it's probably not going to get you the results you want.

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3 steps to overcome 'recruiting overwhelm'

The recruiting process CAN be overwhelming...if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by it.

Overwhelm is a mindset issue. It stems from a lack mentality. If you often say, “I just wish I had more time! I never have enough time in my day to get everything done.”

Lots of coaches I know take this ‘lack mindset’ with them into the recruiting process. I talk to them and they say things like, “I feel like I’m behind..like I haven’t done enough in recruiting by the time July 1st rolls around. It’s time to start making all these calls and I feel like I’m still just catching up.” 

This is not a time issue. It's not about being driven or disciplined enough. 

This is a MINDSET issue.

Begin to pay attention to the number of phrases you think or say that begin with not enough: 
- not enough time, information, knowledge, confidence, money, experience, resources...

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What does intention have to do with coaches?

I was talking to a coach this week who shared one of her accomplishments with me. She set an intention. Not only did she set an intention...she experienced amazing results - from this one simple step.

The Reporter

A reporter had called her and left a voicemail. He was writing a feature story on her and wanted to find time to set up an interview. The coach got really nervous. She hated doing interviews. She never knew what they were going to ask, she never felt prepared, and most of the time she was misquoted or even worse - her quotes were taken out of context.

The Procrastination

She stayed up late that night worrying about what questions this guy would ask. The next morning, instead of calling him back, she put it off and worried some more. Eventually, with her stomach in knots, she picked up the phone and began to dial. As the phone rang something popped into her head. She remembered something we had talked about during one of our coaching calls. Before anyone answered she quickly hung up the phone.

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