What negative thoughts and swimming pigs have in common

They're tired, broken down, and on the brink of a meltdown. This is the time of the season where trust is critical...and difficult. The hard work will pay off - it's just hard for your athletes to believe when they're in the midst of struggle. 

Brains are like velcro. Negative thoughts stick. Judgements, and criticisms burrow their way in. When the mind gets cluttered - with dark traffic - things can take a downward spiral. 

Your role as a coach is to help your athletes recognize the patterns of negative thoughts. This becomes especially important when they're tired and working hard. They may not even be aware of how much destruction goes on inside their heads.

It's not about staying positive. That's not always helpful or realistic. Trying NOT to think negative thoughts can sometimes make things worse. If you tell your athletes not to think about a swimming pig, the only thing they'll be able to think about...is a swimming pig. That's the nature of the mind.

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