How to get Grounded when you're out of your comfort zone

Walking into coaching conventions used to be a really scary and miserable experience for me.  You may find it hard to believe that a head coach of a Pac-12 program can be such an introvert.  The two don't seem to fit together. Yet...there I was.

  • I hated the networking

  • I despised the banter and posturing

  • I was overly critical 

To say I had a bad-attitude was an understatement.

What made the real difference?

I looked around...comparing myself to everyone else (or at least what I thought I knew about them). I never felt good enough to speak up. I would dwell on the fact that my team hadn't done well last season. I would make up stories like - no one wants to hear what I have to say. 

I commiserated with other coaches who felt obligated to be there because that seemed easier than actually facing the fact that I was the one who was uncomfortable.

I really just wanted to hide or go home.  

I finally realized it was my attitude, my cynicism, and my overall mindset that was making me miserable. This event was an opportunity I wasn't fully tapping into because I wasn't open to seeing the all possibilities and potential that were there.

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