3 steps to move from vision to reality this season

It's about that time. You have another amazing year ahead of you...filled with possibilities. What will happen this season - in your life and in the lives of your athletes? Let's bring this vision to life!

The first step may be obvious...AND a lot of people don't even allow themselves the opportunity to dream.

1. To make it happen, you have to start with a vision 

What stops us from dreaming? Usually it's a combination of worries, fears, and excuses. We worry that we'll fall short or make mistakes and not be able to accomplish what we say that we want. We get scared that we're asking for too much or we don't deserve success, happiness, and joy. We make all kinds of excuses - like not having the time or money to do the things we want to do.

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The Power of Undoing

We live in a society where we are constantly trying to have more, do more, & be more. I think it's about time for us all to just chill out.

All of the effort we put into perfecting and striving is driving us into the ground, burning us out - leaving us unmotivated and uninspired.

I hear more and more people who are pushing themselves to the brink - getting to the point of asking questions like: Why am I even doing this? How can I keep this up? Is it even worth it?

When you are constantly pouring yourself into your work - whether work is your job, or work is your family, or a combination of the two - you have to find ways to fill yourself back up once you've drained what you have to give. Most of the time, we think that this means DOING more or GOING somewhere. In reality, it means doing less and undoing all of the things that take us further away from our center in our daily lives.

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