What gets in the way of your passion for coaching?

Seth Godin once said, "...in order to monetize your work, you’ll probably corrupt it, taking out the magic in search of dollars."

Most coaches I know aren't in it for the money. They're in it for their athletes. They're in it for the impact they can make in people's lives. It can be an incredibly rewarding and gratifying profession!

Yet, there are days where you may lose sight of your passion for coaching and the challenges seem to outweigh the rewards.

You deal with long days, long weeks, and long seasons. You handle issues you never imagined yourself having to deal with: discipline, lawsuits, mental health, and more. You have lots of challenging people to deal with - within your coaching staff, the administration, and athletes on the team. Not to mention the constant stress to perform, recruit, and get results...without any real job security.

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