Hoping for a more positive team culture?

Hope is not the best plan for building a positive team culture. It definitely takes a lot of work!

Creating a positive team culture takes three things 1) structure from the coaching staff 2) engagement from your team 3) and accountability for both coaches and athletes.

A positive team culture begins with the coach - as the designated leader of the team. If the coach doesn't initiate this positive team culture, it'll be really hard for a team to create it for themselves. 

1. The structure for building a positive team culture are the rules, roles, and expectations.

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Sports and the importance of FUN!

Sports are supposed to be fun, right? It seems that commitment is indirectly correlated to fun...when an athlete dedicates more time, effort and energy to something they seem to have less fun.

In collegiate athletics, many student-athletes look at their opportunity to play sports in college as more of a job. Unfortunately, when pressure and commitment increase so does stress and anxiety. There's somehow less room for fun.


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