forgotten your purpose?

I'm going to start off by asking you a BIG question: Why do you coach? This is a different question than what got you into coaching? or who influenced you? This one cuts straight to the core. You may struggle to find the right words to answer this question from your head. This is the kind of question you answer from your heart. 


As a young coach - I would close my eyes and think about the year ahead. The idealistic me didn't focus on best times or wins and losses. I pictured the faces of the girls on the team. I imagined them at the end of the year - with a proud smile of accomplishment on their face. I envisioned high five's and fist pumps! I even thought about them standing in their caps and gowns at graduation. These are the things I remembered when I thought back to my collegiate athletic experience. 

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Purpose does not make you happy

I left collegiate coaching when I felt I was no longer living "my purpose." Afterwards, I went through a stretch of time where I was on a daily quest to find my "next purpose."  I wanted it to be clearly defined. All wrapped up in a neat little package. With a bow. 

What I've realized is that your purpose can change, grow, & evolve. Your purpose doesn't make you happy or successful. YOU make yourself happy and successful. 

Instead of searching for this elusive purpose, get clear on things you are good at. 

  • What brings you joy?
  • What fills you up?
  • What things are you WIRED to do?
  • What is your superpower?

No matter what you do or where you are doing it, take time to answer these questions.

When you can spend time doing more of the things that you are good at, then you will bring more value to others and you will be more happy and fulfilled.

There will be times as a coach that you have to do things that you aren't as good at and things that aren't as fulfilling. That's the grind. And that can be a challenge.

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