the one thing coaches can do to succeed at just about anything

I was talking to a coach this week who shared one of her accomplishments. (I have coaches begin our calls by telling me what went well, what they’re proud of, and things they’ve accomplished since the last time we spoke).

This coach shared, “My accomplishment was...I actually set an intention.” 

Alright! Cool!” I replied. “What did setting an intention look like for you? What did you do?”, I asked.

the reporter

The coach described what happened. “A reporter had called me up and left a voicemail. He was writing a feature story on me and wanted to set up an interview. I just got really nervous. I hate doing interviews. I never knew what they’re gonna ask, I never feel prepared, and most of the time I get misquoted or even worse - things just taken out of context.”

Okay,” I said...”then what?

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3 ways to shift your pattern of reacting to maintain a sense of calm as you travel

These days traveling can be a challenge. Especially for those of us who like to have a lot of control. How many variables - during our travel day - are actually out of our control? The list is long! 

On the way to the airport, we don't have control of how much traffic we'll face.  At the airport, we can't control long lines, stressed out people, or flight cancellations & delays.  Once we're on the plane, there's no way to control the people we're around much less how long we'll sit on the runway as we wait in line to takeoff.

A long day of travel - by yourself or with a whole team - can leave you stressed with anxiety and depleted of patience. It's really easy to get hooked or triggered into a pattern of reacting to all of the many circumstances - that are actually out of our control. 

Is there a way to change our perspective and stay grounded?

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