The importance of reflection before the new year

You hear your phone alarm going off and slam your hand down on in an effort stop this unbelievably loud noise - as soon as possible. You stumble out of bed and dig through your drawer to find clothes for the day...and remember everything's still in the washer from last night. You head to the kitchen and open the box of cereal and realize you've only got a few crumbs left in the bottom. Arrggh!

You head into work and scan email before practice. You quickly skim through an email from a parent who proceeds to tell you exactly what they think of you...including how hard you're being on their daughter who is working so hard for you and "not getting the kind of coaching she deserves."

You head out to practice and before you can even say hello are bombarded by group of five athletes - each of them asking to do something different today because they're either sick, injured, or have an academic conflict.


A. Blow up at everyone - including your assistant coach - begrudgingly coaching the workout with a totally crappy attitude

B. Bring a hint of sarcasm letting everyone know you had a great practice planned...and since everyone's sick or injured, today's the day you can just do whatever the heck you want...and then smile real big behind gritted teeth

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Reflect, Reset, & Realign for the year ahead

This is the time of the year when days are darker and shorter. The holidays can ramp up a whole new level of stress in our lives. Give yourself the the gift of taking some time and space to reflect, reset, and realign for the year ahead. If you are working with your team right now, it can be great to give them this time and space as well.


Before you think back on your year, give yourself some time to get grounded and centered. You may even find it helpful to light a simple candle - something to signify this intention of allowing yourself time to reflect. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Feel your feet on the ground. Be in your body. Notice the rhythm of your breath, the beating of your heart, and any sensations you are feeling inside. 

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Keeping a coaching journal

It's easy to leave to go home feeling like you've just worked all day and gotten nothing done. As a coach, you do a LOT each day!  Your list of to-do's gets interrupted by dealing with the actual day to day things that come up - in the moment.  And it's easy to forget them.  Then, it's easy to lose your momentum and get stuck.

Do you ever take time for reflection?  

You probably do at the end of the season when you go on vacation and have an umbrella drink in hand.  But what about reflecting at the end of the day, or week, or month? 

Keep a coaching journal...separate from a workout book.  Journalling doesn't have to be a long saga or novel...just bullet points.  


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