Your action plan for when an athlete screws up

The first time I kicked someone off my team, I yelled.

It wasn't the way I wanted to handle it and...I hadn't yet learned another way. Kicking her off the team was also partly my fault.

In my early days as a Head Coach, I resisted confronting my athletes to hold them accountable. I had a young woman on my team who clearly wasn't doing her part. She was on a totally different page than the rest of the team. 

The writing was on the wall during the first week of practice. Yet, I ignored little problems and minimized her mistakes. I basically did everything I could to avoid a confrontation.

I didn't give this athlete feedback on where she was falling short - until I clearly had to do something as the head coach to salvage my team. Her teammates had to endure my lack of action. I would get irritable with other athletes - when it was her I was frustrated with. I kept telling myself she’d figure it out somehow… until it was too late. 

Since shifting careers, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my own coaching, taken countless seminars and continuing education classes, and read hundreds of books and articles. I really wish I knew then what I know now!

And while I can’t go back and change the way I coached back then, I can pass along simple strategies and a different perspective to the coaches I work with now.

I really hope that this will help spend less time avoiding and procrastinating having these hard conversations and more time doing what you love as a coach - connecting with your athletes. 

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