3 Things You're Avoiding...and How It Drains Your Energy

I've noticed a pattern that's come up with a few coaches I've talked to recently.

I'm curious if you can relate?

Read through these examples and choose the letter that best describes what you tend to do.

Note: Don't think too long. There are no right or wrong answers. Which one best describes your 'go-to' mode. (And...be honest.)

1. You see someone you’re having a hard time with…and you really don't want to talk to them. What do you do?

Do you a) avert your eyes, find something interesting on the floor, pick up the pace and walk briskly walk by...like you're in a hurry b) duck into the closest restroom...and hope they don't come in c) pull your phone out and pretend to answer an important call d) suck it up and begin the conversation...awkwardly or e) none of the above? 

2. There's a big decision you need to make by tomorrow. What do you do? 

Do you a) go workout, turn up the music and try not to think about it b) go home, tune into a new Netflix series and numb out with three more episodes c) stay at the office late, like you're "really busy"...frantically checking emails, facebook, instagram...or working on something that's not due until next spring d) lie down in bed and stay wide awake stressing out about it all night or e) none of the above?

3. There's a conversation you know you need to have to clear up some major tension. What do you do?

Do you a) vent about it with someone you can count on to agree with you to collude with b) rehearse lines in your head over and over again until you think it's perfect c) ignore it assuming it'll eventually just work itself out d) tackle it head on without considering the ideal outcome or e) none of the above?

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3 signs you need to re-communicate your vision to your team

You live and breathe your vision every day. You have a clear picture of where your team can go. You know the potential that’s there for your team this year. You believe in what's possible.

Does anyone else on your team see it too?

They have to SEE what you're SAYING!

You’ve got to get YOUR vision out of your head and into the hearts and minds of your team.


  1. You're constantly frustrated. It seems like you're the only one working towards your team goals. It's as if everyone else is just going through the motions and doing their own thing.

  2. Your team is easily thrown off by obstacles and challenges. The smallest thing happens and throws everyone off course. Some athletes over-react...other athletes completely withdraw.

  3. You're working really hard...all the freaking time...it literally feels as if you're pushing a big heavy rock up a really steep hill. You are the only one holding people accountable. You're always the 'bad guy.' Someone on the team screws up...and you're the only one to address it.

If any or all of those three signs resonate...then chances are you need to spend more time communicating your vision to your team.

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Up Your Game This Season: 7 Leadership Skills To Master As A Coach [Part 1 - Self Awareness]

There's no arrival as a coach.  

No matter what job, position, title, or role you're striving for...you'll never be "there". 

Ask any coach who has been hired at their dream job...or won a national championship...or coached an Olympic Team.  You never get to a place where you can kick back, sip on umbrella drinks, and relax…so you can put your team on cruise control.

Coaches are on a continual path towards mastery. 

Mastery is not about being perfect, good or bad, right or wrong.  Mastery is experiential and fluid. Research and development.

I’d like to invite you on a journey, of sorts, to explore seven specific leadership skills and how you relate to them as a coach.

I hope you'll join me to see what tangible steps you can take towards your own expansion - as the leader of your team.


The leadership skill that impacts all other leadership skills is self awareness.

If you aren't aware of your strengths, weaknesses, or your impact on others...you're going to struggle to lead.

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Coaching is the key to your own expansion

Wouldn't coaching be great if you could just tell your athletes what to do and they'd just do it?

  • No complaining
  • No questioning
  • No criticizing 
  • No looking at athletes who roll their eyes
  • No difficult conversations
  • No poor judgement or bad decisions
  • No miscommunications
  • No conflicts to manage or problems to solve

Think about that for a minute. How BORING would your job actually be? What would your athletes actually learn? What would YOU actually learn?

Each and every day you get the opportunity to connect with a very special group of people. You get a chance to build and nurture human relationships. You get to explore how each person ticks...what gets in their way, what inspires them, and what you can do to help them get out of their own way.

You are in the unique position to lead a group of people and teach them how to become better leaders through sports.  What an awesome job!

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4 Strategies For A Quiet Leader

One of the questions I often get at my coaching summits is, "Can I be a successful coach and still be an introvert?"

My answer? Absolutely. 

I really believe the more authentic you are the less energy it takes. Being a coach is a big job already! Trying to be someone you're not will leave you overwhelmed and exhausted. 

Now, there are times when all coaches have to step out of their comfort zone and adapt their behavior - to be effective. However, if you're always striving to please your athletes, be someone you're not, or simply trying to fit a mold of who you think you should be...you're gonna burn out.

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What To Watch Out For (Now That You've Chosen Your Word-Of-The-Year)

Last week, I wrote about choosing a word-of-the-year. This week I want to get real with you.

There's a dark side to setting intentions. 

This isn't what most people talk or write about. You don't read about this as you're getting ready for all the excitement of the New Year.

When you first set an intention...the first thing you might notice are the things you DON'T want that come up. 

Which may lead some people to begin to question their intention. 

You may think things like...

  • "Well, this clearly doesn't work."
  • "There must be something wrong with me."
  • "Yet another example of why I'm different."

Don't dismiss this powerful practice so quickly. Have a little more trust and faith to see your intention for 2018 through.

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