5 ways to help your athletes with anxiety

"I have an athlete who struggles with anxiety.  She's plugged into resources on campus...and I'm not allowed to know what's going on.  They can only tell me if she's okay to practice or not."

I hear this same scenario with coaches every season.

It's common for your athletes to have negative thoughts:

"I'm really bad at this."  "Everyone else seems so happy."  "What's wrong with me?"  "I always screw things up."  "No one gets what I'm going through."

However, according to studies of college students in the US, Canada, and the UK...it's getting worse.  Anxiety is going up as students try to perfect, please, and live up to unrealistic standards.


There are plenty of contributing factors...media, social media, expectations of other people...etc. 

For coaches, the WHY is less important than the WHAT. You can't change the why. You can do something about the what.

What you can do - in your role as a coach - to help each athlete with their own self-concept?

How your athletes perceive themselves is a key factor in their emotional well-being equation.

You may not give yourself enough credit as a coach for the impact you can have on an athlete and how they think about themselves.  You can make a huge difference!

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