Three different ways to look at leadership that will help every single athlete on your team

One thing I hear from coaches all the time is that their team is struggling because of a 'lack of leadership'.

I ask them what they mean by that phrase 'lack of leadership'.

They often talk about team captains who aren't doing their job "because they're afraid to hold people accountable" or a few of their seniors have "checked out...just biding their time until their done."

"Okay," I respond..."so, what about the rest of your team? What's the leadership like on the rest of your team?

This question usually stumps them. Because most coaches are only thinking about their team captains or seniors when they think about leadership.

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When you call someone a great leader, what exactly do you mean?

A leader is a broad and general term. The definition can be somewhat intangible. Calling someone a great leader can have a different meaning to different people - based on their own unique life experiences. 

I learned a lot about leadership when I took my first NOLS 18-day backpacking trip up in the Yukon. The concept of leadership really came alive for me. I began to see myself as a leader in ways I hadn't yet considered. 

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