Coaching Holds The Key To Your Expansion

I work with coaches to help you get a 360º view of what’s going on with yourself and with your team by looking back, looking at what’s going on now, and then looking ahead. Otherwise, it’s easy for you to be so driven and forward focused that you don’t stop long enough to learn from all of the experiences you’re having.

Coaching is all about experiential education - if you include the reflection piece.

Experience → Reflection → Conclusion → Experiment (Kolb Learning Cycle)

As a leader, there are specific leadership skills you can work on to improve how you’re leading your team. Reflect on how your athletes and staff are responding to your leadership style, and experiment by adapting your behavior for a more successful outcome.

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Up Your Game This Season: 7 Leadership Skills to Master As A Coach (Part 7 of 7: Tolerance for Adversity and Uncertainty)

Kerry and I had just moved to Bellingham - back in 2011.  We went for our first backpacking trip together up in the Mt. Baker backcountry.  We planned to do a loop around an area called the Chain Lakes.  

It wasn't a super long loop - just enough for us to get a taste of the area and amazing views of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan.  We were about 500 yards from our campsite for the night when Kerry took a bad step from snow onto some slippery willow.  

She knew immediately that she had broken her lower leg.  

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