4 things Most coaches don't want to hear about self awareness

Self awareness is an important leadership skill. It's all about understanding your own abilities and limitations. It's about learning from experiences and taking steps to improve. It's about asking for feedback from others. It's about being yourself - understanding your own values and beliefs, and being clear about your goals. Coaches plan an integral role in helping their athletes develop better self awareness. Yet, how often do you work at developing your own?

1. Your biggest challenges are opportunities for your own personal growth.

If you've had a lot of challenges this year on your team then you're not alone. All coaches and teams go through challenges. Things will come up each season that you won't be able to plan for - no matter how hard you try. Accept that.

It's how you handle a challenge that really matters. It's easy to blame other people: "it's because the administration didn't give us the resources, it's because this generation takes no accountability, it's because my assistant coach didn't follow through with what I asked." We rarely see challenges as ways WE can grow. We see them as areas where other people need to change to meet our expectations.

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