WARNING: Now You've Chosen Your Word-of-the-Year

Last week, I wrote about choosing a word-of-the-year. This week I want to get real with you.

Setting an intention should come with a WARNING.

It’s not what most people talk about.

All you hear about is the excitement of the New Year.

If you examine things a little closer, .the first thing you might notice are the things you DON'T want to come up. 

Which may lead you to question your intention. 

You may think things like...

  • "That didn’t work...again."

  • "Maybe there’s something wrong with me."

  • “I guess I chose the wrong word.”

It takes a little more trust and faith to see your intention through.

My coach uses the analogy of a gardener. 

You've just planted a seed for the new year.

When you plant a seed, you don’t get flowers shooting up out of the right away.

Growth takes time.

The first thing that comes up when you plant a seed is all the dirt.

So, look out! 

Pay attention to things unlike your word that come your way…especially during these first few months of the year. 

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What To Watch Out For (Now That You've Chosen Your Word-Of-The-Year)

Last week, I wrote about choosing a word-of-the-year. This week I want to get real with you.

There's a dark side to setting intentions. 

This isn't what most people talk or write about. You don't read about this as you're getting ready for all the excitement of the New Year.

When you first set an intention...the first thing you might notice are the things you DON'T want that come up. 

Which may lead some people to begin to question their intention. 

You may think things like...

  • "Well, this clearly doesn't work."
  • "There must be something wrong with me."
  • "Yet another example of why I'm different."

Don't dismiss this powerful practice so quickly. Have a little more trust and faith to see your intention for 2018 through.

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How to shift your attitude to gratitude when dealing with challenging athletes

Written by Erica Quam

The challenging athletes are usually the one's who get most of your attention, take most of your time, and drain most of your energy. They can leave you exhausted - while whittling away at your passion and inspiration. Just when you think you've got your team moving together in the right direction...another issue surfaces and drama escalates.

(You probably have someone in mind...right? Your blood pressure may be elevating just by reading this...)

Your other athletes sense your frustration. They're most likely fed up with the whole situation too. 

They don't know what to say to you...and they're definitely not sure how to handle their teammate.

This vicious cycle will not only keep your team stuck...it will widen the gap between where you are and where you wanna go.

You didn't sign up for this. You just wanna coach!!!! Is that too much to ask????

A better approach

The frustrating thing for many coaches is you can't change your athletes. You can only change YOU. You've got to find a way to take a step back and look at the bigger picture while you identify the broader lesson.

With each challenging athlete ask yourself...what are THEY here to teach YOU

  • how to set better boundaries & say no
  • how to handle mental health issues
  • how to support diversity on your team
  • how to emphasize character over results
  • how to coach leadership in your captains
  • how to facilitate team conflicts
  • how to maintain a positive team environment
  • what to teach your assistant coach
  • to have better clarity in your recruiting
  • that you need to communicate expectations up front
  • when to reinforce rules more consistently
  • how to tap into other resources and ask for help
  • that you need to create a support system for yourself

I have a belief that may sound crazy. I believe if you DON'T learn how to deal with each challenging athlete on your team (or any person in your life, come to think of it) then there will be a whole lot more of them lining up for you.

Where does gratitude come in?

When you shift your energy to gratitude, it will change everything for you.

Gratitude list: As hard as it may be at first, write your challenging athlete down on your gratitude list. Next, take a few minutes to consider the lessons they are helping you learn. Write the lesson down too.

Gratitude letter: Go a step further and write a thank you note to them. (You don't have to give it to them.) Thank them for what they are teaching you as a coach and how they are helping you grow as a person.

Then, the next time you deal with a challenging issue that comes up you can more objective and shift your perspective.

While this will not change them, it will definitely change you. That's just the kind of game-changer you need.

Share one lesson a challenging athlete has taught you already this season in the comments below. Your comment just may help another coach out there who is struggling with a similar issue.

3 things to do when you get triggered

I love teaching yoga to give people tools to find more freedom in their bodies and more quietness in their minds. And I'll be the first to admit that I struggle with some of the same challenges that come up for my students when it comes to quieting the mind!

No matter how much yoga or meditation you do, life still happens. 

We all have situations that come up and people who trigger us - mentally and emotionally. It can't be avoided! However, when you become aware of the what (or the who) then you can actually do something productive to change the outcome - instead of reacting in a way that you may regret later on.

Think of it as staying vertical instead of going horizontal. 

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Thank you so much!

There are people who we come across in our lives who can trigger a whole downward spiral of negative emotions in us. It's the person who walks in the room and we can feel ourselves begin to react - we get tense, and our guard goes up.  It feels like the life and energy inside of us is literally getting sucked away. I'll bet you're picturing them in your head right now!

So, what's up with that?

Do they honestly have that much power over us? Is it really possible for one single person to ruin our day?

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