Are your athletes coachable (...and why they should care!)

The eye-rolls. The whispers. Groups of your athletes...bitching and complaining about the workout, the meeting, or the feedback you gave them. This kind of stuff can drive a coach crazy and wear you down - mentally and emotionally.

It's not always easy to be a coach...especially a head coach. Everything you do is open to someone else's interpretation and open to other people's judgements and criticism.

How do you coach your athletes so they know you care about them as people and push them hard enough to reach their potential?

It's a fine line for coaches to walk...especially female coaches.

If you're doing it well, you'll teeter right on that edge. Some days you'll push too hard, other times you'll pamper too much.

What I know for sure is you won't ever be able to please everyone all of the time. You can't change course with every judgement and criticism that comes your way. 

What you CAN do is educate your athletes on your role as a coach, teach them how to work with you most effectively, and help them learn how to be coachable. might be best for them to move on.

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