[Part two] Your coaches survival kit: 5 essentials to bring with you this season

Teams go on powerful journeys over the course of a season. You might even think of it as an expedition.

The experiences you’ll have together will be unique - to you and your team. Only your team will truly understand the direction you're heading, the challenges you'll face, and all of the many victories you'll share along the way.

As a coach, you’ll get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your athletes - as they get to know yours. If you’re doing your job of getting them out of their comfort zones, then you’ll see your athletes at their best and at their worst. They’ll also get to see your highs and lows. This is a vulnerable position to be in as a coach!

For you to be ready for all of the learning that’s going to happen this year, it’s important to be prepared. Just like going on a backpacking trip, there are certain things you'll need to have in your pack!

(And what I know about coaches is this: if you don't have it together before the season starts, you won't have time to bring it at all.)

Equip yourself with these five key essentials to help you survive and thrive this year as a coach.

  1. Map & Compass (Vision & Values) 

  2. First Aid Kit (Plan for the Unexpected)

The second key essential to take into your season is a first aid kit. The thing you need to prepare for as you head into the season - as best you can - is the unexpected.

  • What challenges might come up?
  • What types of issues might arise?
  • What will I do when that happens?

If you were leading an actual expedition into the wilderness, you'd want to do what you could to manage risks you'll encounter - before you leave for your trip. 

You have to check your first aid kit every season - to make sure it's fully stocked. You can't expect the things you packed last year haven't been used up or are expired. 

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