How to get Grounded when you're out of your comfort zone

Walking into coaching conventions used to be a really scary and miserable experience for me.  You may find it hard to believe that a head coach of a Pac-12 program can be such an introvert.  The two don't seem to fit together. Yet...there I was.

  • I hated the networking

  • I despised the banter and posturing

  • I was overly critical 

To say I had a bad-attitude was an understatement.

What made the real difference?

I looked around...comparing myself to everyone else (or at least what I thought I knew about them). I never felt good enough to speak up. I would dwell on the fact that my team hadn't done well last season. I would make up stories like - no one wants to hear what I have to say. 

I commiserated with other coaches who felt obligated to be there because that seemed easier than actually facing the fact that I was the one who was uncomfortable.

I really just wanted to hide or go home.  

I finally realized it was my attitude, my cynicism, and my overall mindset that was making me miserable. This event was an opportunity I wasn't fully tapping into because I wasn't open to seeing the all possibilities and potential that were there.

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3 things to do when you get triggered

I love teaching yoga to give people tools to find more freedom in their bodies and more quietness in their minds. And I'll be the first to admit that I struggle with some of the same challenges that come up for my students when it comes to quieting the mind!

No matter how much yoga or meditation you do, life still happens. 

We all have situations that come up and people who trigger us - mentally and emotionally. It can't be avoided! However, when you become aware of the what (or the who) then you can actually do something productive to change the outcome - instead of reacting in a way that you may regret later on.

Think of it as staying vertical instead of going horizontal. 

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Get vertical!

I learned a powerful concept last week. It's the idea of going horizontal versus getting vertical.

Let's see if I can bring this concept to life for you...

When you are horizontal...

...your attention is splattered all over the place. Your mind is scattered and you can get overwhelmed. Your emotions are on a roller coaster ride that slowly go up the hill, then quickly go down the hill. They veer quickly around corners and come to an abrupt stop. You literally feel as if you have left your body.

When you are vertical...

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