Small Success is BIG

This week I’m working with group of coaches at a Women's Coaching Summit in Bellingham.

Part of what’s so great about the summit is taking the opportunity to celebrate all of the many accomplishments, insights, and ah-ha’s these coaches have had over the past year.

When coaches sit down to write these things down, their list may not look like what you'd expect. 

That's because it takes some work to recognize the value in your work as a coach.

Coaches are hard on their athletes...and even harder on themselves! 

It takes a little more digging and a deeper level of awareness to see all the ways you're actually learning, growing, and expanding.


The things that matter the most aren't necessarily the typical things that you might expect people to high-five or fist-pump about.

Things that make your list of accomplishments may be things you'd hardly ever think to celebrate at all.

That's why this kind of work is so important!!!

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it's the small things...

When you want to transform your's not all about a big move, a big risk, or a big decision.

Real transformation happens through a series of small decisions, small steps, and small actions that you take consistently over time. 

When you make a BIG move, take a BIG risk, or make a BIG decision - sure those things definitely involve BIG change.  AND these steps must be supported by small things for a real, lasting change to happen. 

The grass is always greener on the other side because from far away you can't see the weeds. - John Maeda

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A small acknowledgement = a BIG game changer

I had a friend pick up the phone and call me yesterday to acknowledge me for an email that I had sent out.  She wanted to tell me that she was excited to see the progress I was making. She recognized I had followed through on things we had talked about and she had seen me take action and persevere.  She simply noticed - and wanted to let me know that she had noticed.

It absolutely made my day!  It really made an impact on me.  

When was the last time someone acknowledged you for something or vice versa...when have you acknowledged someone else?  

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