What habits are you bringing this season? Part 3 of 3

We're taking a closer look at your daily habits in the following 3 areas:


Being a coach, means being a leader.
Being a leader means being seen. When you are out there in front of your group, you open yourself up to criticism, opinions, and feedback - both positive and negative. 

What do you take in and what do you take on?

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What gets your attention?

I remember my parents, teachers, and coaches telling me to, "Pay attention, Erica."  Especially when I was daydreaming or just had a good 'ole case of the giggles.

Have you ever thought about the expression, 'Pay attention'? 

These days, marketers get paid big bucks to come up with advertising that will grab your attention.  Companies pay huge chunks for TV time.  All of these commercials, ads, billboards, SPAM and now even pop-ups on our computer are trying to PULL our attention away from us.

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