4 strategies for a quiet leader

One of the questions I often get at my coaching summits is: can I be a successful coach and still be an introvert? 

My answer? Absolutely. I am a total introvert. In fact, a lot of the coaches who come to my coaching summits are introverts too!

I really believe the more authentic you can be the less energy it will take. Being a coach is a big job already! Trying to be someone you're not will leave you overwhelmed and exhausted. 

Now, there are times when all coaches have to step out of their comfort zone and adapt their behavior for success. However, if you're always striving to please other people, be someone else, or simply trying to fit a mold of who you think you should be...you're gonna burn out.

Here are four strategies to honor your introvert and be highly successful:


If you've ever read my articles before, you know I'm a big believer in setting intentions. As a coach, you're going to be stepping up and putting your voice out there a lot more - coaching your athletes, talking to parents, working with your staff, etc. Set an intention ahead of time and choose who you want to be in these moments. It can be as simple as choosing one word that you'll embody: bold, confident, strong, authentic, or just be myself

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