3 strategies for more powerful recruiting conversations

Most coaches I know would not list 'RECRUITING' as one of the main reasons they went into coaching. It's not a skill everyone has or a responsibility everyone likes...although there are the rare coaches out there who really love it.

Let's face it. Recruiting is something coaches have to do consistently in order to be successful. So, why not try a few simple things that will help you get better. 

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5 words to change for more powerful communication

Communication is a leadership skill that we can work on and improve. 

Words are powerful. The things we say shape our experiences and relationships.

Teach your student-athletes how to choose responsible language. The words they choose can be the difference between being a victim or being the one in control. 

Words can assign unintended blame and bring conversation to an end. Help your athletes become aware of the language they use and the impact words have. Teach them how changing a few simple words will help them become more powerful.

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how to get from good to great

Good coaches are also good managers.  They have the ability to connect with people, build relationshipsembrace conflict, and be engaged.  

Coaching is 90% how you relate to people. Good coaches are self aware and invest in themselves for their own personal growth. They surround themselves with people who are positive, supportive, & who lift them up.

Being an expert in sport is further down on the list of what is really important.  There are plenty of coaches who “hide” behind the X’s and the O’s because they don’t want to deal with the other “stuff”.  I believe that all that other “stuff” is what makes a coach great!

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