9 actions to take to support women who coach

On the eve of what may be one of the largest gatherings of women ever marching in Washington DC, in more than 300 cities across the US, and over 30 countries - I find it only fitting to get really intentional on what actions can be taken after the march to help more women step up as leaders.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what you specifically can do - within your own sphere of influence - to make a difference in this crazy world of ours. I can tell you one thing for sure...if you're a coach...you can make a huge difference everyday. 

No matter what your race, religion, or politics are...women who coach are facing a paradox in the world of athletics today: The number of girls playing sports is at an all-time high. Yet the number of women who coach collegiately has declined from over 90% in 1974 down to 40% today. Here's the link to the research to prove it done by the Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport in collaboration with the Alliance of Women Coaches.

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